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Camping Ile de Ré » Hire of bicycles for adults, children, trailers, trailer bikes on the campsite

Hire of bicycles for adults, children, trailers, trailer bikes on the campsite

All Rétais will tell you: the Ile de Ré can be visited by bike. Cyclotourists have at their disposal a network of 110 km of cycle paths that connect the ten municipalities. These secure and very well maintained paths cross the varied landscapes that characterize Ré la Blanche so well: marshes, woods, coastal landscapes … The island extends only 30 km and has no significant elevation. Therefore, you do not have to be a cyclist to enjoy the joys of cycling.

Bike child or adult, electric, bike follower, trailer … Every member of your tribe found the bike made for him? Pedal your hair in the wind and above all, open your eyes!
To make your mark, start with an 11.4 km discovery tour around La Couarde. This route is accessible to children, count approximately 2 hours to realize it quietly. You will see the beach, the vineyards, the marshes and the local heritage. A nice way to have a glimpse of what awaits you!
If the salt marshes attract you, go for the Swamp Trail. This fabulous 18.5 km circuit around the Fier d’Ars will allow you to go back in time, meet the salt workers and discover the mystery of the salt harvest, a booming activity on the island. Nineteenth century and still continues today.

Bike on the Ile de Re from the campsite
Cycling with your family on the Ile de Ré

From the campsite, you can also reach Saint-Martin-de-Ré to stroll on the port dominated by the fortifications Vauban, Bois-Plage-en-Ré and cross the woods to Rivedoux-Plage.
To go to the western part of the island, you will have to take the bike path that runs along the coast from Saint-Martin. You will then have the opportunity to turn right to go to Loix, or continue straight towards Ars, Saint-Clément-les-Baleines and Portes-en-Ré.
A cycling information point is located at Bois-Plage (Gros Jonc). You will find another one in Rivedoux (Sablanceaux), in Ars-en-Ré (The Martray) and in the Portes-en-Ré (House of the Fier).

Flat rates for cycle hire (in €). It is requested a deposit preferably by check or credit card (returned at the return of the rented cycle)

1/2 Day Flat rate Day Flat rate 24 hours 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 10 Day 14 Day 21 Day 1 Month
Child 12″ – 14″ 16″ – 18″ (under 6 years) 6 7,50 10 14 18 22 25 29 32 38 47 57,50 72.5
Child 20″ – 24″ (6 to 12 years) Tracker bike 7 9 11 15 22 27 30 33 37 46 58 72 92
Adult Comfort PLUS 9 12 15 20 27 34 39 43 47 56 68 86 116
Adult LUXURY 16 20 26 30 40 49 57 61 67 79 95 123 159
Adulte Electric (electric bike) 19 25 27 42 55 66 75 84 84 112 133 182 215
Child Trailer 9 12 13 20 26 32 36 40 45 57 63 77 94

All of our bicycles are equipped with free bike locks, baskets (subject to availability) and lights for mountainbikes.
Children’s seat or helmet: 1€/day (in case of bicycle hire), 2€ (hired separately). For intermediate lengths that are not displayed, please ask the reception. To you the bike paths of the Ile de Ré with a starting point at the entrance to the Ile de Ré Les Prises campsite.

Bike helmet not provided. Remember to bring your bike helmets for any child under 12 years old.

Download this map and print it!

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