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Oyster farming

Like salt, vegetables and wine, oyster farming plays an important role in the island’s economy. Every year, the 62 oyster farmers of the Retais region produce between 6,000 and 8,000 tonnes of oysters on a surface area of around 540 hectares of offshore concessions, representing almost 4% of French production.

Oysters, a must on the Ile de Ré

It’s hard not to mention seafood, and oysters in particular, when talking about the Charente archipelago. Oysters grow in the open sea, then purify themselves in marshes or shallow clay basins known as claires.

It’s here that it adopts its distinctive water-green color, hazelnut flavor and sea spray. Oyster farmers on the Ile de Ré work in a natural setting that is as special as it is fabulous. For centuries, they have operated between marsh and ocean, following the rhythm of the seasons and tides, in perfect harmony with nature.

They dedicate themselves to their art while respecting the vulnerable ecosystem in which they evolve.

The Ile de Ré oyster, health and pleasure for the palate

Rich in omega-3, trace elements and vitamins, oysters are a highly nutritious food that boosts our immune system. Sweet or fleshy, more or less iodized, its flavor differs according to the season. To taste it, simply sit down at one of the many restaurants on the Ile de Ré, or stop off at one of the oyster huts you’ll see along the cycle paths.

This second option is ideal if you want to combine physical activity, outdoor activities and gastronomy all in one day, starting from the La tour des prises campsite.

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