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The weather on the Ile de Ré

The springtime revival, the festive atmosphere and water sports in summer, bike rides through the salt marshes and superb sunsets in autumn, the island’s wild character in winter… Whatever the season: the island of Ré can be visited all year round. However, before you leave, it’s best to know the weather conditions so you know what to pack.

The best period: the summer season from May to October

The island’s microclimate is exceptionally mild, thanks to the Atlantic Ocean’s Gulf Stream, and enjoys over 2,300 hours of sunshine a year. The climate on the Ile de Ré is very pleasant all year round. Winters are mild (above 7°C) and summers are sunny but not too hot (20-25°C). The generally recommended time to visit Ré la Blanche is spring and summer. The days are beautiful and long, with little risk of rain. Temperatures fluctuate between 14 and 19°C in May, rarely exceed 25°C in July-August and can reach 20°C in October.

October is a particularly interesting month. The high season is over, the island is back to its usual tranquility, the sunsets are fabulous, the thermometer hasn’t dropped too much yet and the risk of rain remains relatively low.

November to April: precipitation without cold

Rainy days on the island of Ré occur mainly in December, through to March and sometimes April. Depending on the month, temperatures range from 7 to 16°C. If you don’t mind the rain, pack a raincoat and good walking shoes. The island of Ré offers you its wildest face, but also the most beautiful in the eyes of some visitors. Prices are cheaper at this time of year, and the people of Rétais have more time for you. An asset not to be overlooked if you want to immerse yourself in the island and its people.