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Are you looking for comfortable accommodation at a cheap campsite in Ile de Ré La Flotte? Only a dozen kilometers away, the La Tour des Prises campsite offers a wide choice of mobile homes at the best prices, so you can enjoy your vacation and make the most of your stay on the Ile de Ré.

Cheap mobile home rental La Flotte-en-Ré

Discover mobile homes in the standard, premium, comfort and family ranges, including the atypical Coco sweet. Accommodations range from 16 to 36 m², with prices starting at €265 per week, so you can save money and discover more during your stay. Whether you’re looking to rent a mobile home or book a low-cost caravan site in La Flotte-en-Ré, you’re sure to benefit from our attractive promotions.

Cheap caravan pitches La Flotte-en-Ré

For a 100% natural holiday that’s ideal for relaxation and low prices, take a trip to a low-cost campsite in La Flotte-en-Ré: La Tour des Prises. This Ile de Ré La Flotte campsite offers superb, quiet, green pitches at low prices, where you can park your vehicle and pitch your tent. For a basic flat rate of €19 per night in low season, make yourself at home. You’ll benefit from an electrical connection and access to brand-new sanitary facilities, with clean toilets and hot-water showers, and comfortable amenities to suit all budgets. Don’t hesitate to book your cheap caravan site in La Flotte-en-Ré: camping La Tour des Prises is waiting for you!

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