Where to camp on the Ile de Ré with your dog?

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At our 4-star campsite on the Ile de Ré, La Tour des Prises, we accept dogs!

Why choose Tour des Prises to camp with your dog?

Dogs and other pets are part of the family. We watch them grow and age and change. But when you go on vacation, it’s hard to find someone to look after your pet. Kennels can be expensive. Yet it’s easy tobook a pitch at a dog-friendly campsite on the Ile de Ré or elsewhere.

La Tour des Prises is a dog-friendly campsite on the Ile de Ré, offering pitches for tents, caravans and motorhomes in La-Couarde-sur-Mer, in the center of the island. Here, we like to see families happy and complete! Our private, hedged pitches include European-standard electrical outlets. Dogs will love the natural setting of the campsite and the long walks through the wooded areas. They’ll always find a shady spot to avoid the heat.
The fee for your dog or other pet is just €2 to €4 per night, depending on the season. Don’t forget to specify the presence of your dog when booking. Don’t forget to take your dog’s health record with you when you stay on the Ile de Ré. It’s also safer to slip or hang your cell phone number on the dog’s collar.

Dog-friendly accommodation at camping île de Ré

But at the La Tour des Prises campsite, you can also rent a dog-friendly mobile home. We offer a comprehensive range of rental properties to suit all budgets. In addition, special offers are available at certain times of the year. Our mobile homes on the Ile de Ré can accommodate 4 to 8 people. They feature separate toilets and bathrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen and a furnished terrace.
The most comfortable mobile homes have flat-screen TVs and dishwashers. From the standard 22-square-meter mobile home from 330€ per week to the 3-bedroom mobile home for 8 people, not to mention the premium XXL mobile home from 540€ per week, there’s something for everyone at our dog-friendly campsite in La-Couarde-sur-Mer!

What to do on the Ile de Ré with your dog?

Travelling to a campsite on the Ile de Ré with dog allowed? There’s no shortage of things to do on theIle de Ré with your dog. If your child likes to run and explore nature, you can :

  • Take a walk with your dog on one of the many hikes on the island of Ré, or cycle along the island’s hundred kilometers of cycle paths.
  • You can also explore the salt marshes with your dog and see the work of the salt workers.
  • Dogs love the beach! They love to frolic in the water, jump in the waves and run at top speed in the sand.

Dog-friendly beaches on the Île de Ré

On the Ile de Ré, dogs are not always allowed. In summer, most beaches do not accept dogs. But fortunately not all of them!

The beaches at l’Ars-en-Ré and Saint-Clément-des-Baleines are open to leashed dogs during the summer months.
In Les-Portes-en-Ré, dog access is authorized before 9am, between 1pm and 2pm, and in the evening after 7pm. The rest of the year, they are often tolerated on other beaches.

In La-Couarde-sur-Mer, dogs are allowed on the beaches from early October to late May, except during school vacations and public holidays.
It’s therefore possible to walk with a dog on the beaches of the Ile de Ré. When you take your dog to the beach, don’t forget to keep him on a leash and provide him with drinking water.

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