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Fireworks display

Learn to surf or sail, cycle through the salt marshes, visit the fishing ports, have a drink with friends on a terrace overlooking the sea: the Charente archipelago has plenty of surprises in store for you.

To round off your active days in style and fill your children with wonder, take in a fireworks display!

July 14th fireworks

As elsewhere in France, fireworks are set off at around 11:00 pm in the 10 communes of Ré la Blanche.

This enchanting spectacle, which delights young and old alike, is made all the more magnificent by the fact that it usually takes place near the port or on the beach.
One of the most beautiful is certainly the fireworks at La Couarde sur mer.

Fête de la Mer in Saint-Martin (August 15)

Every year on August 15, Saint-Martin-de-Ré dons its festive colors for the Fête de la Mer. Throughout the day, entertainment is organized near the port.

The event closes with a fireworks display from the pier at 11:00 pm, followed by a ball in the Parc de la Barbette.

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How does pyrotechnics make fireworks possible?

While everyone loves to see beautiful fireworks on July 14th or even at other festive moments, few people actually know how they are produced. If you’d like to know more about pyrotechnics, then the following lines should be of interest to you. If we could define pyrotechnics in a few words, we could say that it’s a method of using fire. Although the general public is familiar with the term from fireworks, which are primarily intended for festive purposes, pyrotechnics are also used in warfare. In order to operate, certain steps must be taken, depending essentially on the type of pyrotechnic part. In fact, there are several types of coin, such as the bomb or the Roman candle. The latter works with a tube, usually made of cardboard. Inside, comets and bombettes are placed one on top of the other. If you light the first bomb at the top, all the others will be lit afterwards. Depending on the height and diameter of the tube, the number of bombs can vary from one Roman candle to another.

As for bombs, you should know that they are the most dangerous type of pyrotechnics, and that only pyrotechnics professionals are authorized to use them. Accidents can happen quickly, whatever the type of bomb: cylindrical, spherical, simple or repeated. Thanks to cutting-edge techniques, our pyrotechnicians are able to use the most perilous of techniques to put on increasingly impressive shows for the general public. Every July 14th, everyone looks forward to seeing a light show in the air!