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Discover Gregory Ziebach, defender of marine animals

On two occasions, life circumstances led Gregory Ziebach to live or stay on the Île de Ré. The third, he looked for himself.

During your camping vacation on the Ile de Ré, discover this great defender of marine mammals. He made his love of the environment his profession, then his main activity, and is now a happy retiree in love with the Charente archipelago.

From lifeguard to Pelagis Observatory correspondent

He loves to look at the ocean. So much so that he has made it his profession.

Before becoming a lifeguard, Gregory Ziebach was first enchanted by the Île de Ré as a child, when he stayed with his aunt in La Flotte. This feeling of fullness, both pleasurable and mysterious, stayed with him for the rest of his life, and remains with him to this day. Twelve years later, a twist of fate brought him back to Ré la Blanche, this time for professional reasons. It was written: these two were made for each other.

Now retired, Gregory Ziebach is a committed man. He is a correspondent for the Pelagis Observatory, a structure set up by the French Ministry for the Environment to monitor marine mammal strandings. It delivers its observations and recommendations to the Ré Nature Environnement association.

Le Goisil, his favorite place

As a nature lover, Gregory Ziebach loves every corner of the Île de Ré. Every beach, every rock on the wild coast, every picturesque village, every port, every lighthouse, every forest and salt marsh. But there’s one place that fascinates him a little more than the others:

  • la Couarde-sur-Mer
  • the Goisil channel, where woods and marshes merge.

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