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Régis Léau, donkey breeder on the Ile de Ré

During your family holiday at the 4-star campsite La Tour des Prises on the Ile de Ré, you’ll probably want to do some unusual activities that your children will love, to give them unforgettable memories of their vacation on the Ile de Ré.

The largest donkey breeder on the Île de Ré

Ré la Blanche is often associated with the baudets du Poitou. We owe this association to Régis Léau. In just a few years, this breeder has succeeded in making these donkeys the island’s mascot. How? By highlighting their true value. Régis Léau’s business goes far beyond breeding and raising Poitou baudets. The tourist walks he’s been offering for almost 30 years are designed to familiarize the general public with this animal they adore, a docile creature to which children easily become attached.

This farmer also produces donkey milk, which is used to make soaps and other cosmetics. This use is far from new, since the Egyptians already used donkey milk for cosmetic purposes. The famous donkey milk products are marketed under the “Ânes en culotte” brand.

How about a donkey ride through the Parc de la Barbette in Saint-Martin-de-Ré? These walks for children have been devised by Régis Léau, a man well known and appreciated by the people of Rétais.

His love for the Île de Ré

Régis Léau is a fulfilled man. The island of Ré is a daily source of wonder for him, and the locals recognize his craft. Although it loves all seasons, it is particularly fond of spring, the period of rebirth and harvest. He’s also particularly fond of the Vauban fortifications, as are his baudets, who love to stroll through them.

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