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Ernest Cognacq Museum

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Immerse yourself in the history of the Ile de Ré with a visit to the Ernest Cognacq Museum. The space features art collections, ceramics, objects painted by former prisoners, archaeological finds and historical documents! Our Ile de Ré campsite takes stock of the situation and guides you on your next visit.

The different rooms of the museum

On the first floor, you can admire model boats and navigation tools. Trace the development of Ré la Blanche’s economy, made flourishing by the wine and salt trades, and reinforced by the growth of shipowners and merchants. Paying homage to the heritage of the Ile de Ré during your camping vacation at La Tour des Prises is an excellent way to gain a better understanding of this unique territory.

Saint Martin de Re ; Ile de Ré ; Charente-Maritime

With its artistic, historical and ethnological collections, the Musée Ernest Cognacq, located near our Saint-Martin-de-Ré campsite, is a cultural center in its own right, concentrating everything that revolves around the theme of the Ile de Ré. The space is housed in the Hôtel Clerjotte, one of the town’s oldest buildings.

Discover the history of the Ile de Ré with the Ernest Cognacq Museum

Reawaken your archaeologist’s soul as you explore all the relics on display at the Musée Ernest Cognacq: natural history, folk arts and traditions, and even non-European ethnography are all well represented.
In fact, you can even admire historical and artistic pieces from Africa, Oceania, Asia and South America! Gabonese statues, Canaque puzzles and Asian costumes are sure to impress.

Most of the archaeological pieces on display at the museum come from excavations at ancient sites on the island, such as Peu-Pierroux and Abbaye des Châteliers. The Middle Ages are well represented, with ceramics and medieval jewelry.
The area dedicated to Rhaetan folk arts and traditions features a wide range of domestic accessories, tools and clothing. You’ll be able to experience the way of life and know-how of the old inhabitants of the Ile de Ré as if you were there!
The Musée de Saint Martin-en-Ré’s fine art collection features works created mainly by 20th-century artists. However, some portrait paintings straight out of the 18th century enhance this fascinating heritage. The Ernest Cognacq Museum boasts some 2,500 engravings and drawings, as well as photographs and postcards.

Plan your visit to the Musée Ernest Cognacq from camping La Tour des Prises

The Ernest Cognacq museum is just a few minutes from La Tour des Prises campsite. The cultural center welcomes visitors from April until the end of the autumn vacations, then opens its doors again during the winter vacations.

In July and August, you can visit the museum every day between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m., except Tuesday, when it is closed.

In the off-season, public opening hours are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings and afternoons, and Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Admission is €4 full price and €2.50 concessions. Admission to the Ernest Cognacq Museum on the Ile de Ré is free for the under-18s, the unemployed and the disabled.