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Camping vs. hotel on the Ile de Ré

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Stay at a campsite or hotel. This is not an easy dilemma to resolve, as both forms of accommodation have their advantages and disadvantages. The choice depends on your needs, your budget and your priorities.

Advantages and disadvantages of camping

Pitch your tent on a spacious pitch bordered by natural hedges, park your caravan or motorhome on the seafront, stroll along flower-filled paths planted with trees, swim in the pool, meet new people, take part in sports and leisure activities organized by an enthusiastic entertainment team, sign up for aquagym classes, get out your gas stove to cook, have a drink on the mobile home terrace or at the bar in a friendly atmosphere, buy fresh bread at the grocery store just a stone’s throw from your pitch, change your baby’s diaper in a toddler-friendly sanitary block. And all this while keeping expenses to a minimum. For all these reasons, camping attracts millions of holidaymakers every year, in high and low season, and you’ll find all these good reasons at our 4-star campsite on the Ile de Ré.

Hotel advantages and disadvantages

Hotels are appreciated for their comfort and privacy. They are aimed above all at holidaymakers in search of quality and excellence. They have a private room or small apartment where they can relax away from prying eyes, in a facility with supervised access.
Hotels are the ideal form of accommodation for people who want to stay in a city to visit the museums and other attractions of their destination. However, the hotel budget(Les Grenettes hotel on the Ile de Ré, for example) is higher than the camping budget. If meals are not included in the room rate, they must be added to the room rate.