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The guide to camping with baby

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The charm of a lush, flower-filled setting, a warm atmosphere, privacy on private grounds, facilities and entertainment for adults and children… A stay at a campsite is a great way to spend an exceptional family vacation, even with little ones. Provided, of course, that you have thought of everything for your comfort and that of your baby.

Choose a baby-friendly campsite

Make sure you select a campsite that is prepared to welcome younger campers. Preferably choose an open-air hotel like La Tour des Prises on the Ile de Ré, which provides parents with baby areas in the sanitary blocks and rents out baby chairs.

Bring your baby survival kit

Whether you’re camping for a weekend or a week, don’t forget your arsenal of diapers and wipes, as well as bottles and bottle warmers. And don’t forget to pack sunscreen to protect baby from the sun, as well as pots and favorite toys to keep him occupied and comfort him in times of need.


You’ll need warm clothing, whatever the season. Fleece pyjamas are all-purpose, keep baby warm and can be very useful. Don’t forget your waterproof windbreaker and boots for playing in the water or jumping in puddles.

The routine

Okay, camping vacations are all about breaking the routine. However, baby doesn’t like sudden changes. Try to respect naptime as much as possible. If you’re sleeping in a large tent, mobile home or camper van, remember to bring your playpen with you. He’ll be delighted to have it back, as it’ll calm him down in an unfamiliar environment.