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If you’re on vacation in the Charente-Maritime region, then you’re sure to have heard of Rochefort. And if you haven’t been yet, now’s the time to come and discover this amazing city. From your La Tour des Prises campsite, you can make the detour in less than an hour.

Discover Rochefort in Charente Maritime

Do you know Rochefort? If not, after reading this description, you’ll want to do just one thing: come and discover all its secrets! Rochefort is a listed City of Art and History in the Charente Maritime region of southwest France. Rochefort has managed to preserve the vestiges of its maritime past, and its rich cultural heritage will surprise you. Rochefort also boasts an excellent location, with breathtaking views of the Charente estuary, Ile d’Aix and Ile Madame, as well as the ocean. A wonderful way to discover the jewels of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region!

Rochefort, Charente-Maritime

What to see in Rochefort

A single day won’t be enough to see every nook and cranny of Rochefort, but here are the must-sees. Start your stroll with the Sun Gate, shaped like a triumphal arch and decorated with sea motifs, then head for the National Maritime Museum, where you’ll discover all there is to know about the navy. Continue on to the distinctly famous ship called Hermione.

If you’re looking for an unusual, fun-filled activity for the whole family, take an adventure in the rigging and go rock-climbing in the open air with Acrro-Mâts! You can also explore the Royal Ropery, a splendid 374-metre-long building. You’ll love it. And then maybe you’ll want a bit of nature? Come and enjoy the Jardin des Retours on foot or by bike, stroll along the riverside path and head for the maze of naval battles.

Will you find your way? And for a touch of adventure, board a boat bound for Île d’Aix, where a timeless experience awaits you. You’re really in for a busy day! Come back soon to the Ile de Ré to continue your discoveries!