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Fishing on the Île de Ré

Ile de Ré is a French island in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Charente-Maritime and south of the Vendée. It faces the port of La Pallice, not far from La Rochelle, almost two kilometers from the mainland. It is part of the Charente archipelago.

Passionate about sea bass and meagre fishing? Are you a Charente-Maritime resident or summer visitor with a passion for fishing? Theisland of Ré has plenty of good spots for this sport. When the sea retreats, water holes and rocks appear. Crab cakes, prawns, shrimps, clams, prairie cockles, scallops and razor clams attract enthusiasts and the curious. At sunrise or sunset, you’ll come across fishermen casting their lines along the beach.

Good fishing spots on the Ile de Ré

You’ll love the moments of complicity you can share with family and friends, and your children’s amazement at discovering fishing on foot during your camping holiday on the Ile de Ré. Walking through the saltwater puddles, you can reach the Chauveau lighthouse in 30 minutes. Clam lovers flock to the area, especially during high tides.

Beware, however, of regulatory restrictions: everyone is authorized to fish up to a maximum catch of five kilos. And don’t forget to respect this exceptional and fragile environment. Fishermen are asked to return the pebbles to the way they were before the shellfish were removed from the bottom.

Fishing in the north of Ile de Ré

It’s an interesting spot for off-season fishing. In fact, fishing is forbidden in summer because of the bathers. In summer, you’ll have to restrict yourself to buldo fishing from the rocky coast, or fishing around St Martin de Ré and La Flotte en Ré.

Fishing west and south of Ile de Ré

In this part of the island, you can choose between Saint Clément des Baleines, Ars-en-Ré or Sainte Marie de Ré. This rocky coastline is relatively uncrowded in summer. Please note: it is forbidden to walk on the locks. You should also be aware that this practice is dangerous in heavy seas. In fact, a wave can quickly launch you and your gear out to sea.