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Kayaking on the Ile de Ré

The Charente archipelago is an ideal setting for swimming and cycling along the coast, through the woods and between the salt marshes. You’ll also want to take advantage of your seaside vacation to enjoy some water sports.

Are you looking for a thrilling water sport that’s easy to learn and accessible to children? Rent a kayak and explore the coastline or the marshes of the Retais! From Rivedoux-Plage to Les Portes-en-ré, the beaches of Ré la Blanche are home to several schools offering kayak lessons and rentals.

Ile de Ré Sailing

Kayak rental, catamaran and windsurfing lessons and rental
Address: La Couarde-sur-Mer, Loix, Le Bois-Plage-en-Ré
Tel: +33 6 50 89 52 89 (La Couarde) / +33 6 60 35 38 44 (Loix) / +33 6 60 45 13 02 (Bois-Plage-en-Ré)

Club Nautique Portes-en-Ré

Kayak, windsurf, catamaran, dinghy and stand-up paddle rentals. Kitesurfing, catamaran, windsurfing and dinghy courses. Private lessons.
Address: 1, Promenade de la Mer, 17880 Les Portes-en-Ré
Tel: +33 5 46 29 61 36

Les Dauphins Sailing School

School run by Antoine Albeau, 24-time world windsurfing champion. Kayak, kitesurf, surf, stand-up paddle, windsurf, bodyboard, towed buoy, ski-buoy, catamaran rentals. Windsurfing, sailing, dinghy and stand-up courses. Beach cabin rental.
Address: Plage du Peu Ragot, Rue Ragotteries, 17670 La Couarde-sur-Mer
Tel: +33 5 46 29 80 29

Ré Glisse

Kayak, jet-ski, pirogue, rowboat, stand-up paddle, flyboard, wakeboard, towed buoy rentals.
Address: 814 Avenue des Dunes, 17940 Rivedoux-Plage
Tel: +33 6 85 73 02 26

La Cabane Verte

Kayak, surf, bodyboard, windsurf and catamaran lessons and rentals.
Address: 3 rue des caillées, 17580 Le Bois-Plage-en-Ré
Tel: +33 6 09 27 77 26


A must-see address in La-Flotte-en-Ré, you can rent bananas/canapés, SUPs, kayaks and jet skis!
Address: 2 Rue de la Croix Michaud, 17630 La Flotte
Tel: +33 6 82 23 54 37

Want to ride the waves and take off? Try your hand at kitesurfing on the Ile de Ré!