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ULM flights over the Ile de Ré

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You’ve hopped on your bike and taken to the cycle paths that take you through the woods of Bois-Plage-en-Ré, along the seafront of Rivedoux-Plage and through the fabulous salt marshes around Ars-en-Ré and Les Portes-en-Ré. You’ve strolled along the Conche des Baleines and trodden the fine sands of La Couarde-sur-Mer beach. You’ve seen the port and Vauban fortifications of Saint-Martin-de-Ré, and taken a stand-up paddle on the ocean.

Think you’ve seen it all on the Ile de Ré? Not yet. Fly over it in a microlight.

Planète Sports et Loisirs, for an unforgettable microlight experience on the island of Ré

Based on the north coast of Ré la Blanche, in the commune of Loix, Planète Sports et Loisirs is one of the island’s largest leisure centers. We offer a wide range of activities in the form of courses (swimming, kite flying, aeromodelling, fitness, aquagym, zumba, etc.) or outings (mountain biking, electric quad bikes, stand-up paddle, etc.). But the school’s greatest claim to fame is its microlight flights, which are as breathtaking as they are thrilling!

Experience 30 minutes of thrills and chills as you soar over the sea and marshes. This unique experience offers exceptional views of the Charente archipelago, the jagged coastline of the Ile de Ré and the Atlantic Ocean.

All courses and microlight baptisms are supervised by certified instructors. The center also houses a boutique where you’ll find everything you need for your favorite activities.

Planète Sports et Loisirs

Address: Village artisanal, 13 chemin du corps de garde, 17111 Loix
Tel: 05 46 29 66 71

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What are the different types of microlight?

You really want to discover your region or vacation destination from the air. So you decided to take a microlight flight. For the general public and neophytes alike, there’s only one type of ultralight, the one that looks like a hang-glider with a motor mounted underneath. In fact, there are no less than 6 different ultralight classes.

  • Class 1: This is the simplest model. You’ll be dealing with a parachute to which a motor is attached. It is usually attached to the rider’s back.
  • Class 2: This is the best-known class, since it looks like a hang-glider.
  • Class 3: multiaxes. It’s hard to describe, so many different forms are possible. You should know that they are limited to 65 km/h.
  • Class 4: gyrocopters. They look like mini helicopters. Rotor power is limited to between 4 and 12 kg/m2.
  • Class 5: This time we’re talking about dirigible balloons, which were seen floating in the sky during the Second World War.
  • Class 5: Ultra-light helicopters. They are sometimes found on certain top-of-the-range boats. It’s an easy way to discover a region, without the inconvenience of wind.

Depending on where you go for a microlight flight, you can discover one or more of these models, notably by visiting Funbooker.