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Motorhome living

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Put your home on the roof of your car and become a nomad 365 days of the year to explore theÎle de Ré and other hidden treasures of France and Europe. This is the crazy gamble taken by people who decide to live year-round in their motorhome, whether by choice or obligation. A crazy idea for some, great for others. Does this idea cross your mind? Would you like to wake up every day in a family campsite by the sea or in the mountains, or in a landscaped area in the countryside? To move from dream to reality, you need to take a number of steps.

The address

The freedom of living year-round in a motorhome, always on the move and unattached, doesn’t exempt you from certain administrative formalities. How do you receive your mail, for example? If you don’t have a permanent residence, a practical solution is to send your letters and parcels to the campsite reception.

However, if you’re constantly on the move and on the move a lot, the best tip is to give the home address of a trusted relative to La Poste – with their agreement, of course. The most permanent option is to subscribe to Courrier du Voyageur‘s professional services. For less than twenty euros, you can benefit from a P.O. box that will receive your correspondence and ensure that you don’t miss any important mail.


Don’t forget to notify your vehicle insurance company, as your insurer needs to be informed that your motorhome has become your principal residence.

Traffic booklet

Obtaining a vehicle registration booklet is very important. This document, which you must request from the prefecture, enables you to retain your rights (voting rights, assistance from the CAF and other organizations, etc.). First of all, you need to choose a commune and ask the town hall to issue you with a certificate. You will then be asked for this attestation at the prefecture.

And don’t hesitate to stop off at our campsite on the Ile de Ré!